New Technology Turns Glass Into Insulation

Wherever the home we have an energy efficient LoE (pronounced low-e) glass option from Cardinal Glass Industries to keep you warm in any weather; high performance glass that also saves on energy bills.

Cardinal Glass LoE icons

Double pane windows with triple pane performance
when used in combination with other LoE glass
• remarkably low U-factors
• reflects escaping heat back into the room
• meets the most stringent energy standards
without going to a triple pane unit
The ideal glass for passive solar applications
• high solar gain
• blocks interior heat loss to the outside
• dramatic comfort improvements
LoE2 -272
The clearest high performance glass you can buy
• delivers year round comfort
• promotes easier control and maintenance of interior air
• reflects harmful UV rays
A perfect balance of solar control and high visibility
• provides premium insulation and comfort
• rejects 95% of sun’s damaging UV rays
• highest levels of energy savings
Windows almost clean themselves
• ultra smooth glass treatment
• windows stay cleaner longer
Factory applied protective film
• saves time, money and jobsite hassles
• simply peels off
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