Functionally Artistic

Awning and Casement Windows

Available only on awning and casement windows, the easy-to-use, stainless steel locking mechanism operates with a slim-line locking lever that ensures your windows are water and airtight for optimum energy efficiency. Self-storing Encore folding handle swing out of the way to enhance the sleek appearance of your windows while the smooth functioning, durable mechanisms stay concealed. Elegant handles and multi-point latches secure the windows at three points to provide not only superior protection from the elements but also protection from tampering and vandalism. Handles and locks are available in 4 different colours.

Window hardware white finish Window hardware brushed nickel finish Window hardware coppertone finish Window hardware brushed antique finish Window hardware black finish Window hardware oil rubbed bronze finish

Hung and Slider Windows

Available only on the hung and slider-style windows are hardware components that allow easy use and maintenance. Premium stainless steel constant force coil balance systems provide smooth and consistent operation throughout the life of the window. Quick-release sliding latches release tilt pins to allow the windows to either tilt or lift in effortlessly for easy cleaning. An exceptionally sturdy  full sized double-walled lift rail provides years of comfortable and trouble-free operation. Slide the window closed and the optional auto-locks click into place to provide worry-free security.

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