Strassburger head office
As manufacturing continued to grow so did the dealer network.
A satellite office and showroom in Barrie, Ontario was opened to
service the North and Ottawa regions. Growth in the south expanded
into the Windsor area as well as the US market in Michigan.
For over 60 years Strassburger Windows and Doors have maintained
their reputation for craftsmanship, style and performance.

Strassburger is now focusing on what has to be accomplished to stay
on top.   New Paradigm Fenestration Software for the company has
been implemented, which includes a new order entry program to
support dealers as well as a manufacturing program, taking production,
shipping and receiving to a new level of organization.

New products have been developed, including a beautiful wood interior
window system, a new door program including upgrades to frame and
sill options, as well as continual development of glazing options to
work with Energy Star standards as well as the high standards that
Strassburger promotes from years of experience.